My Mission

Since the release of my book ‘Kindness Matters’ in 2017 with its 30 Day Challenge I have been on a mission “Cultivating Kindness in the Classroom.” I’ve been working my little socks off with just one goal in my mind.

My goal is to create a ‘Culture of Kindness’ and to embed the Kindness Matters 30 Day challenge e-learning programme into the heart of every school, classroom and curriculum which in turn will create an empathic learning environment which will develop skills for life for pupils and all teaching staff.”

I believe together, we can create ripples of kindness throughout the UK. Just imagine how much kindness we could share with each other and the world.

What do you think is stopping us from making this happen?

Nothing! Nothing at all is the answer. I’ll tell you why.

I believe it is not cool, for any pupil to mentally, emotionally or physically abuse other pupils or staff, or to use inappropriate language with pupils and teaching staff, or to hurt pupils and staff. Until pupils take ownership and 100% responsibility for their words and actions and realise that kindness is a CHOICE, they are going to keep repeating this process – hurting themselves and others as a result of their choices.

At the end of the day; “all behaviour is learnt behaviour”, and if we can learn to hurt each other, we can learn to be kind to one other because kindness is an innate part of who we are as human beings and flows more effectively.

I can testify that by helping your pupils gain a more in-depth understanding that kindness is a choice, they can begin the daily journey to form new positive habits and behaviours and understand that they can become the kindness they want to see in the world. They are the future, and it is their choices here, and now that will shape the future generations.

With pupils and staff committing to The Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge and experiencing the transformation for themselves, they will make your school a kinder place.

Start your Kindness Matters journey today.

The all-new 30 Day Challenge comes complete with:

  • 30 Kindness tips through daily videos
  • 30 Day Journal
  • Kindness Matters e-certificate (to support CPD and performance management)
  • Data impact pupil questionnaire
  • Ongoing weekly email resources sharing additional tips / videos / classroom resources following the conclusion of the Programme

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