Inspiring your Pupils and Staff to Cultivate Kindness inside the Classroom!

  • Do you feel like your pupils could be kinder to each other and staff?
  • Are your pupils in need of an effective and motivational message?
  • Do you want your pupils to be challenged around their aspirations, attitudes and aptitudes?

What’s the key to all this?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Motivational Speaker, John Magee “The Kindness Coach”, has a powerful and thought-provoking story to share which is guaranteed to inspire and motivate your pupils and teachers.

With brutal honesty, John’s Inspirational Keynote will guide your pupils through his remarkable life journey, from the boy who was heading in the wrong direction, to the author who started a global ‘Kindness’ movement.

An expert at making his anecdotes relevant, engaging and insightful, John is sure to enable your pupils to understand the importance of education and the significance of learning. He’ll work with ease to develop an awareness of choices, and to highlight the consequences that your pupil’s decisions have on their short-term and long-term futures.

For more information to book John for his inspirational keynote for your pupils or staff inset fill in the form below.

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